Jean Bridge

visual artist

Artist Statement

Livelihood is a group of works that gather and digitally construct images and sounds through which to explore the texture and syntax of our urban and suburban environment. As a response to the terrain of the modern and pervasive city, Livelihood distills unremarkable places shaped by the economics of "automobility" and offers us new ways to appreciate them. Livelihood takes a variety of forms including images, video and an interactive installation in which participants are invited to disrupt what we commonly experience as drivers and replace it with the (re)flexibility of the walker who gathers sensations, knowledge and sentiment to build a sense of place. The central components of Livelihood are panoramic still images that, in the large-scale image projection, are looped and controlled by an interactive system that enables the viewer/participant to create a seamless and fluid parade of ordinary places, people and things. It transforms bland trip malls and suburbs into lively animated places filled with possibility. In Livelihood, the viewer activates the scene through their own movement – s/he literally brings the world alive by walking. Their physical exploration of the passing scene/projection causes hidden images and audio content to responsively emerge. In the most recent iteration of Livelihood, expands the urban context with vinyl wall murals that present life-size urban infrastructure and objects and enlivens them with reflections from the passing scene.