Jean Bridge

visual artist

Artist Statement

Reverberations is a smartphone application designed to enhance the experience of visitors to the historic Smithville, Ontario railway station by providing a virtual tour of the station's photographic archives while they tour the station itself. Smithville – today a quiet village in the middle of the Niagara Peninsula - was once a thriving community centred around the Toronto Hamilton Buffalo (THB) Railroad. At the turn of the 20th century, the station was a bustling hub for freight and passenger traffic. The bounty of Niagara agriculture was shipped from and through here. Many Smithville residents derived their incomes and identities from the railroad. Now it is quiet; a relic of the past. This series of collages are thematically organized around the working and travelling lives of 19th century Smithville residents in which they would grow, make, load, ride, wait and save. Each Reverberation collage distills a sampling of the archive into a single coherent image. An accompanying screen breaks each collage into its constituent parts so the record can be more fully examined by contemporary visitors.